Clashing Boom-Boom

Totem of War

Clashing Boom-Boom takes on the form of a stealth bomber and makes her presence known within all machinery of warfare. However, she tends to recklessly fall into the path of the Wyrm, because her limited vision focuses upon destruction alone. She has called upon the Glass Walkers, and all Garou, to help rid herself of its corruption.

Traits: Her children each add one to their Firearms and Melee Skills. In addition, their maximum difficulty with weapons is 9, even is it would normally be 10. She requests that her children name all their weaponry and ornament them in some fashion.

Ban: Clashing Boom-Boom expects that her powers will only be called upon by the righteous to dispense justice. Those who follow her and call upon her to do otherwise risk having the multitude of her forms turn against them.

Clashing Boom-Boom

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