The Animals We Have Become

Jaya's To-Do List

((On pretty, fancy stationary paper, probably doodled with hearts and unicorns and crap.))

Today —

  • Take a pack group photo!!! (Can Brigid show up on film?)
  • Ask Brigid if she can show up on film.
  • Talk to Sam about getting together with one of the sept Galliards to do a song. She has the prettiest voice, and we don’t have anyone to sing for us right now.
  • Also: Get earmuffs for Sam.
  • Talk to Pikov about V. I want to set up a memorial for her at school.
  • What’s up with the were… hyenas??
  • Talk to Tate about app idea. Somewhere public.
  • Do inventory for mom.
  • Ask Dust River about the lady captured.
  • Find out what Naomi likes!!!
  • Get Nadine something nice.
  • Kiera needs some good gloves if she’ll be swinging that hammer much. Callouses are gross.
  • Destroy this list later, because anyone finding will think I’m insane and probably a criminal.


Yatsko Yatsko

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