Running renown

Running tally of renown.
Kyra – 2 Honor, 1 Wisdom


Permanently destroying a very strong elder vampire: 8 Glory ((Given))

((During Australia))
Mediating dispute without major losses on either side: 3 Honor, 2 Wisdom
Showing Mercy to a Wayard Garou: 2 Honor, 3 Wisdom
Protecting the Veil: 4 Honor
Meeting an Incarna, surviving, and trip to the Penumbra: 5 Wisdom
Defeating major Wyrm threat, black spiral dancer pack: 5 Glory

Reviving a forgotten Caern
Following a Prophetic Vision
Mediating a Dispute

Riley: Acting within one’s Auspice for the betterment of Gaia, against better judgement:

Running renown

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