Tarann's Might

weapon (melee)

Fetish (Melee weapon)

Level 5
Gnosis 7

Tarann’s Might’s natural state is that of a small pewter necklace, the image reminiscent of a Thor’s Hammer pendant. The pendant can function as a repository of Gnosis, holding up to 7 points within it. The wielder of Tarann’s Might can draw out these Gnosis to replenish their own stock. Unfortunately, when Tarann’s Might is not full or empty of Gnosis, it takes on a different form. With an expenditure of Gnosis, either to activate a power, or replenish one’s own supply, the necklace morphs into a full sized maul, of an appropriate size to the wielder’s current form. The base for a standard sized human is Str +7 bashing damage, difficult 7 to wield.

Beyond the Gnosis storage, Tarann’s Might has the following powers:

Thunderstruck: When activated, this power will grant the next successful attack an additional dice of damage, and changes the damage to lethal.

Second Strike Warning: When this power is activated, Tarann’s Might will emit a Clap of Thunder, as per the Gift, upon knocking the next opponent to incapacitated. The area of affect is a radius, around the victim, of the user’s Rage in yards.

Technology Crusher: This power replicates the powers of Jam Technology. Specifically, it will cause all “electrical devices” within User’s Rage + Tarann’s Might’s current Gnosis to fail to work. This will last for a number of turns per success on a Manipulation + Crafts roll, difficulty 8.


Tarann's Might

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