Kiera's gifts


Jaya’s Gift:

Sky-steel Klaive (Fetish 4)
Str+3 (Diff. 6) Can store up to 4 points of Gnosis that can be used by the wielder, at a rate of up to 2 per turn. They will regenerate on their own under starlight, 1 per hour of uninterrupted bathing in starlight.

Riley’s Gift:

Dragon-Fang Dagger (Fetish 4)
Str+2 (Diff. 6) On a successful attack, the wielder can active the dagger, to cause it to bite deep into the wound, doubling the rolled damage, before it is soaked.

Tate’s Gift:

Gaia’s Lightsaber (Fetish 4)
Str (Diff. 6) The weapon can ignore a number of Armor points equal to the rank of the wielder. Additionally, all damage is Aggravated, and +1 difficulty to soak.

Nadine’s Gift:

Torc of (Fetish 4)
The wearer gains access to the Homid Gift: Persuasion. Additionally, the wearer gains a bonus of +1 on social rolls involving Human, Garou or Fera, but only those not on the path of the Wyrm. Lastly, those looking at the wearer will ignore one flaw or imperfection that would negatively effect the wearer: Metis status, Social class, physical deformity.


Kiera's gifts

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