Naomi Brooks

Destiny: Awakens the Sleepers


XP: 3/39

When Naomi was 1, her mother left her with her cousin, Carlie and Carlie’s partner, Amy. Her parents said that they were both being deployed and wanted to leave their daughter with someone they trusted and Carlie and Naomi’s mother were best friends and they grew up together and are around the same age. When Naomi was 3, they stopped receiving letters from her parents. Having presumed her parents dead, Carlie adopted Naomi. Naomi calls Carlie ‘Momma’ and Amy ‘Aunty’.
Carlie had always wanted children on her own but after several failed attempts, they found out her eggs weren’t fertile. So they used Amy’s eggs for in vitro fertilization and got 4 viable embryos. Carlie couldn’t bear to terminate any of them, so she kept them all. This happened when Naomi was 7, so she played a big part in helping to take care of her siblings. This has given her a protective streak.
She’s always been a gifted student and having to constantly bandage up her siblings gave her an interest in medicine. She got a scholarship for the U of A. That is why she left St.Mary’s, Georgia.

Character sheet Naomi Brooks
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Naomi’s Code of Honor:

1. Help those in need – Whether a person or animal is sick, injured, malnourished, or suffering in some other way, Naomi will seek to help.
2. Contribute to the community – Do work that helps people (doctor, teacher, etc), donate to charity, do volunteer work, etc.
3. Be environmentally conscious – Don’t have to be unreasonably green but not wasting what you have, turn off lights not in use, don’t waste water, recycle, reuse, garden.
4. Don’t put self in “healer heal thyself” situation – Naomi believes that if she’s stressed, sick or injured she can’t be of help to people so she remembers to take breaks for herself and take care of herself.


Naomi Brooks

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