Kiera Aisling Macbrigid

Destiny: Guider of two nations


Garou name
Brobdingnagian Hammer

Aspects (For flavor only)
If brute force isn’t working, you’re not using enough of it
Drink like there is no tomorrow, and then drink tomorrow too
I have a legend to live up to
Hands blessed by Brigid, a body blessed by Bres
Recklessly Awesome!
Step on my honor and I will step on your face

Family Members
Uncle BrĂ¡dach Fionn MacBrigid, clan Fianna – Deceased

Fae Gifts
Faerie Blood 4
Honored Birthright True Fomorian Blood
Parted Mists

True Fomori Birthright
+1 Strength in all forms
+2 Strength in Glabro, Crinos, and Hispo
+1 Stamina in Glabro, Crinos and Histpo
+1 Bruised Health Level in Glabro, Crinos and Hispo

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EXP Total: 76

Stamina 4 – 12
Gnosis 2 – 2
Language Gaelic – 2
Rage 6 – 5
Rage 7 – 6

Shield of Rage – 6
Luna’s Armor – 6

Spent: 43
Remaining: 53

The werewolf by niconoff d59dlra

Kiera Aisling Macbrigid

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