The Animals We Have Become

A left note

Contained within a small folded note left out for Jaya.


It is funny how things end up, huh? Without this crazy wolvesblood in us, we wouldn’t have ever looked twice at each other. Sometimes, I’m still not sure how you guys look at me. During training, you all seem to fit together, run together, flow together like a river.

I feel so awkward, out of place. You have such beauty, Kiera has strength, Naomi has the brains, Sam has the skills and Nadine is already a werewolf, born and bred. How can I compete with all of that? You have been kind to me, giving us all gifts, but I can’t help but wonder if you’d do the same if we didn’t share this. I don’t recall anyone not of the clique getting your attention last year.

I don’t, well, no,that’s not right. I am being harsh, and hell, I am not even sure why. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I don’t know if I will make it back, hell, not even sure if I want to make it back. We have all this damned power, but can’t do anything with it! I can feel my blood boiling any time I think of those bastards from the party, but can I take them, hurt them, no!? Why the hell is it worth anything?

We’ll see what happens with this right of passage, who knows, maybe I’ll get to kick ass and chew bubblegum.



Yatsko Asmordikai

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