The Animals We Have Become


That fackin plonker Thrashes lost his head so bad he couldn’t tell friend from foe. What the fack did he go and get in his head, charging off like that at the sight of a bloody hammer? Was he that pissed off about legends? How was just a Fostern thinkin’ so small; there are lots garou out there stronger than him, stronger than me. He could have got us all killed he could, and thanks to his bloody self goin’ off the deep I had to knack his melt in and leave him behind. The whole damn thing was thrillin’, I’ve never felt more alive, but havin’ to leave someone behind, that is just…pure pish with a side of shite. When I see that Thrashes again I’m going to bate the bag outta the bastard, but first we got to get to the caern and tell Dust River the damn thunderwyrm is still a bloody functioning wyrm caern. Shite I hope they don’t blame us for this. Thrashes gave us the go to belt the bastards AND frenzied to boot, and we tried to get him out, but there was just no having it with over a dozen of them spirals showing up midway into the fight.


Yatsko Asmordikai

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