The Animals We Have Become

Also overheard

Various other things heard once the pack returns.

Branwen: … worried, I haven’t seen Eh-To-Yok in a few days.

Correy: Well, he did mention something about going off to check in with his cousins at some coyote club meeting.

Tesla: ..the things you two created in the pattern were absolutely amazing.

Muerta Negra: Yes, it can be so when two of us get together. It is a shame that he had to depart so quickly, but our duties called.

Tesla: I dare sas that You’d have a certain glow about you since he departed.

Muerta Negra: The Camarilla are still investigating the killing, but haven’t had much in terms of leads.

Skulking Laughter: Could it really have had something to do with that Simba that was in the territory?

MN: The kindred that was killed was an ancient, older than any vampire in this city currently, I would be surprised if a lone Simba could kill them, unless they were surprised and already incapacitated.

SL: But if that is the case, then how was the SImba dead too, could they have killed each other?

MN: I don’t know, it is damned peculiar.


Yatsko Yatsko

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